Have you got your black-label Riviera Owner’s Card?

Have you got your black-label Riviera Owner’s Card?

Your black-label Riviera Owner’s Card

Owning a luxurious Riviera or Belize motor yacht brings with it many special privileges.

These benefits extend even beyond exclusive membership to our growing global family of owners and like-minded boating aficionados.

In fact, your black-label Riviera and Belize Owner’s Card entitles you to invitations to special boating events, spectacular social and informative educational events, as well as special offers on genuine parts, electronics and Riviera and Belize merchandise.

Of course that’s in addition to VIP status at any of Riviera’s stunning showcases of luxury motor yachts at major boat shows right around the world, where we would love to share with you all the features of our latest model creations.


If you do not have an Owner’s Card and would like to register, please click here


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