Riviera Australia boosts boating confidence with new 5-year limited warranty for all new Volvo Penta systems

Riviera Australia boosts boating confidence with new 5-year limited warranty for all new Volvo Penta systems

Riviera Australia is continuing to lead the luxury motor yacht market by further boosting the confidence of luxury motor yacht owners so enthusiastically embracing the state-of-the-art technology that makes boating with Riviera today even easier and more enjoyable.

In conjunction with marine technology and propulsion powerhouse Volvo Penta, Australia’s most-awarded luxury yacht builder has announced an extra three years of full coverage for Volvo Penta systems across the 16 Riviera and Belize models from 36 to 60 feet.

The new 5-year limited warranty for new Riviera and Belize owners spans Volvo Penta’s helm station, controls, steering and propellers as well as major componentry of the marine marque’s high-performance drivelines and fuel-efficient engines.

Riviera chief executive Wes Moxey said the extended warranty – which complements Riviera’s standard 5-year limited structural warranty – is now standard with every new Riviera or Belize model featuring Volvo Penta systems, and will be available worldwide.

“Riviera has now launched over 500 pod-driven boats and the extended warranty on new systems shows how Riviera and Volvo Penta are prepared to further back the dependability of the Inboard Propulsion System (IPS) that has totally transformed the way we go boating,” he said.

“Here at Riviera we stand behind our state-of-the-art systems and know that this initiative will provide even greater peace of mind for our owners.”

In simplified terms, IPS features twin pod-drive units, each of which is capable of turning independently to provide the correct thrust to move the yacht in the exact direction required by the skipper easily controlling the system with either a steering wheel and throttles or a joystick.

Volvo Penta product specialist Gavin Rooney said the new 5-year limited warranty also extends to the touch-screen Glass Cockpit system that provides enhanced overview and control of both engines and navigation systems … all in one place and in the one system.

“Volvo Penta’s Glass Cockpit also has a unique Auto Guidance feature that searches through all relevant charts to create a route you can follow, avoiding shallow water, buoys and other obstacles.

“Coupled with the Auto Pilot, the Glass Cockpit not only shows the way, it can also take you there.”


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