First Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht launches under the new Boating Partnerships syndicated yacht ownership service

First Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht launches under the new Boating Partnerships syndicated yacht ownership service

The first new Riviera luxury motor yacht to be launched under the innovative Boating Partnerships syndication service – a stylish 6000 Sport Yacht – will be showcased on the water at Sydney International Boat Show (28 July – 1 August).

Tom van Vliet, managing director of Boating Partnerships, said the impressive 6000 will travel the east coast of Australia – between Sydney and the Whitsundays – under a tailored ownership agreement created specifically to suit her four shareholders.

“Boating Partnerships really appeals to those who have limited time but who have a genuine passion for the luxury on-water life aboard world-class motor yachts, and who wish to enjoy the renowned Riviera lifestyle with their families, friends or business colleagues,” said Mr van Vliet.

“With the sole focus on the owner experience, Boating Partnerships operates under a completely transparent running-cost structure meaning what it costs to own the boat is what is charged to the owners, much like owning a yacht by yourself.

“This unique program makes it very easy for owners to share the purchase and monthly maintenance of a brand-new Riviera or Belize luxury motor yacht with up to six like-minded partners to create the most relaxing and enjoyable boating experience.”

As with the 6000 Sport Yacht to be delivered to her new owners after her Sydney showcase, owners are invited to design their ideal partnership by selecting their desired location and desired number of shareholders, and the Boating Partnerships team then matches owners with like-minded people who share similar cruising aspirations.

Right now, Boating Partnerships has partnerships forming for a new Riviera 52 Enclosed Flybridge at Hamilton Island and a new Riviera 445 SUV at Port Stephens.

Prospective owners have also expressed strong interest in sharing the purchase of another brand-new 6000 Sport Yacht to cruise between Sydney and the Whitsundays, a new Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht and 43 Open Flybridge to be based in Sydney and a new 445 SUV on the Gold Coast.

Mr van Vliet said Boating Partnerships offers many new and exclusive benefits to boating enthusiasts who are looking for a premium concierge-style syndicated ownership program that allows more time on the water.

“Each partner in a Riviera operated under the Boating Partnerships program enters a tenancy in common and receives a title of ownership in proportion to the share they have purchased, protecting their equity in the yacht,” he said.

“Boating Partnerships agreements are for a period of three years and, based on a standard one-sixth share, owners will be able to enjoy up to 52 days each year aboard. Owners also have the ability to book additional days that are unreserved within a 48-hour stand-by function, all managed by the experienced and dedicated Boating Partnerships team and their nearest R Marine dealership.”

Mr van Vliet said a professional crew maintains each yacht in premium condition for the ownership period, and the annual maintenance, slipping and berthing costs are affordably shared between the yacht’s owners.

“Owners can base their boats in, say, Sydney or the Gold Coast, and then the shareholders may choose to cruise to the Whitsundays, where they can chase the endless summer, such is the flexibility of this new program,” said Mr van Vliet. “In so doing, owners have the unique experience of coastal passage-making under the guidance of an experienced sea captain between ports on the east coast of Australia.”

Boating Partnerships is also the only syndication service with the official endorsement and support of Australia’s most-awarded luxury yacht builder, Riviera.

“Each shareholder under the Boating Partnerships arrangement enjoys all the benefits of being part of the global family of Riviera luxury motor yacht owners, as well as the industry-leading aftermarket support of the R Marine network – the largest luxury motor yacht network in Australasia,” said Mr van Vliet.

“There are a wide range of benefits of buying a new Riviera, including being able to design your yacht to your specifications and the new 5-year limited warranty on all Volvo Penta systems, including engines, drives and electronics.”

The full benefits of the shared ownership program also extend to Riviera’s educational workshops and seminars, to exclusive invitations to Riviera’s social events around the world, as well as to special Experience voyages cruising in the company of fellow Riviera owners.

“Boating Partnerships offers a premium concierge-style syndication ownership that allows more time on the water – a true walk-on, walk-off service that ensures enjoyment-filled luxury boating,” said Mr van Vliet.

“Through Boating Partnerships, you can share Riviera’s ultimate boating experience in more ways than one, realising the dream of turning weekends into holidays afloat in secluded bays or anchored off private beaches … or cruising in company on pristine blue waters to idyllic destinations.”

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