Fun new boating program for kids

Fun new boating program for kids

Victoria’s leading luxury motor yacht dealer, R Marine Jacksons, is helping to foster the next generation of power boat enthusiasts through its support for the Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club’s fun new boating program for kids.


Stuart Jackson

The program, based on one being run successfully by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) in the United Kingdom, aims to introduce children to the joys of boating and the boating lifestyle, while at the same time providing children with education and skills in proper and safe powerboat handling.

Stuart Jackson reports that while the program is meant to be educational, it is presented in a practical, fun and interesting way in the form of a skills-based competition where the children spend the maximum time out on the water.

“After some basic training, the children 
aged 8-16 take part in a competition
 in the form of a series of time trials driving a
 RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) around a set of marks followed by ‘rescue’ and ‘manoeuvring’ exercises. The slalom buoys used in the time trials are set 12.5m apart so that skill and control, and not necessarily speed, are the most important factors.

“A strict safety protocol is in place and a competent adult instructor is in the boat with the children at all times.”

The program will be known as the Club Marine RVMYC Youth RIB Program run by the Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club. The club has now purchased a 4.2m RIB fitted with a ‘jockey-style’ centre console and a 40hp outboard, complete with trailer and all of the course hardware, including ropes, reels and buoys.

Stuart reports that the RVMYC is also had discussions with TS Voyager Naval Cadets who will take part in the program and their officers will participate in the running of the program.

He says RVMYC members and their families can register by emailing or call the RVMYC office on 9393 2888.

If you would like to watch a demonstration of the RIB program in the UK, please click here >>