Legends of Australia lights up Darling Harbour

Legends of Australia lights up Darling Harbour

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Legends of Australia

Over 400 Riviera Family members and guests enjoyed a special celebration under the stars at Sydney International Boat Show, surrounded by the most alluring luxury motor yachts from one of Australia’s true legends: Riviera.

Riviera’s red carpet showcase of 10 designs included the World Premiere of the new 4800 Sport Yacht, as well as the Sydney Premieres of the 5400 Sport Yacht and 575 SUV.

Large crowds gathered around Darling Harbour as the Legends of Australia live entertainment echoed throughout the city centre and as our marina party guests from around Australia and the world enjoyed the full Riviera VIP treatment and fantastic camaraderie.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

On behalf of the 500-strong team here at Riviera, a special welcome to the new members of our growing global Riviera Family.

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