Parker Water Purification Distributor Conference

Parker Water Purification Distributor Conference

Long Beach, California, USA:  Riviera’s marine electronics, desalination and navigation specialist Errol Cain was honoured to be invited to participate in the first water purification distributor conference since Parker Water Purification added Sea Recovery Corp to their product portfolio in 2011. Parker is now the manufacturer of three water maker brands including HRO (distributed by R Electronics), Sea Recovery (distributed by Australian Marine Wholesale) and Village Marine Tech (VMT, distributed by Parker sales).

R Electronics has been the Australian distributor for HRO water makers for the past 12 years. During this period, we have installed over 820 units into new and previously cruised pleasure boats, commercial workboats and land based applications. We also have full test and service facilities for all models available on site at the Riviera complex at Coomera.

During the distributor conference, which was held in Long Beach, California, Parker rolled out a new Premier Distributor programme for the top 20 distributors worldwide and I’m pleased to announce that R Electronics is in the top five distributors across the globe. This new programme will give many benefits to our new and existing HRO customers with new products, better spares delivery and pricing.

I’m pleased to announce that R Electronics is in the top five distributors across the globe.

With water supply around the globe under pressure from all sectors, water maker technology has never been more relevant than it is today. There may come a time when the only option is to make water to use aboard or wash your boat. Many marinas such as Akuna Bay located in Sydney’s Ku-ring-gai Chase national park have been forced to become self-sufficient with no town water supply. This has been achieved using rain water collection and desalination.

Sea Recovery Distributor Australian Marine Wholesale, has recently supplied 2 x Sea Recovery Aquamatic 1800-2 water maker units to the marina at Akuna Bay. These units are fully automatic running on float switches to start/stop and provide 568 litres per hour to top up the rain water system. Fresh water is rapidly becoming an important and valuable commodity within the community, which is why I took the opportunity to visit the new Parker Water Purification building located in Carson, not far from the distributor conference.

The new Parker Water Purification building is very impressive with a high degree of engineering capability and a top of field machine shop.  Employing some 225 people, this facility manufactures the three brands, HRO, Sea Recovery and VMT.  Many parts are also manufactured in house including all the titanium pump heads used on the VMT water maker range.  The membrane rolling facility was also of interest because each membrane is hand rolled, much like a fine cigar.  Parker supply water purification technology to leisure, super yacht, government, military, commercial and industrial applications.

During my visit to Long Beach, I also took the opportunity to visit the headquarters of BlueWater Desalination, which are also distributed in Australia by Australian Marine Wholesale. BlueWater desalination units are offered to Riviera customers as an alternative to HRO with three different model line ups – the base Express, Explorer and Legend models.


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