Riviera Owners Photo Competition

Riviera Owners Photo Competition


This month’s owner’s photo competition winner:

Congratulations to Michael Rauch 

Boat name: R Pod

Photo headline: Winter Sunset 2015

Where was the photo taken: Fisherman’s Bay, Lopez Island, Western Australia

Photo description: A cold February night, sipping champagne with best friends on my sweet Riviera.

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Thanks also to:gust-front-TLW

Name: Andrew Grant

Boat name: Knoty Buoyz

Photo headline: Approaching Gust Front

Where was the photo taken: Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay), Hong Kong

Photo description: We were on the beach after the rain had cleared to let the dogs have a run and toilet break, when a gust front rolled over the hill. My wife is pulling the RIB and dog (Dax) back into the water so we could get back to Knoty Buoyz before it hit.


Name: Greg & Sheryl Spencer

Boat name: N’JOY

Photo headline: N’Joy abeam Palm Cove Far North Queensland

Where was the photo taken: Palm Cove, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Photo description: Taken by Macarla on board their 37 Riviera when we were visiting Far North Queensland, ex-Port of Bundaberg, Queensland.


Name: Scott Reid

Boat name: North Scott

Photo headline: Perfect Day West Fraser Island

Where was the photo taken: West Fraser Island, Queensland

Photo description: Just completed a run from Lady Musgrave Island to Fraser with perfect conditions – a dream day in the water!