Riviera family fun all the way

Riviera family fun all the way

Riviera is renowned for the educational, social and Experience events hosted by its international network of experienced dealers and, importantly, enjoyed by members of the global Riviera and Belize family of owners.

Behind the scenes, our dealers are also involved in many community causes, supporting a wide range of worthy charities.

In this edition, our passionate dealers share some of the fun and games of the past few weeks.

R Marine South Australia – Australia

Adelaide On-Water Boat Show Overnight Trip

R Marine South Australia hosted a special celebration of fun, friendship and membership of the Riviera family at the Adelaide On Water Boat Show from 17-18 October.

Taking centre stage amid an impressive on-water showcase of world-class Rivieras was a brand-new sporty and adventurous 445 SUV from our innovative crossover collection – the most popular Riviera ever in South Australia.

“In just three years, 13 new Riviera SUV’s have been embraced by South Australian boating enthusiasts, including 11 of the 445 models” says R Marine South Australia Dealer Principal, Paul Harrop.

“To highlight just how popular this very versatile SUV model has been in South Australian waters since first being launched as the 5000th Riviera in 2012, our very loyal family of owners helped to display an additional six 445s at the On Water Boat Show,” he said.

“We also enjoyed a special night of Riviera-style fun – an Overnighter with a marina dock party complete with live entertainment. In total we welcomed 29 Riviera luxury motor yachts to our exclusively reserved berths.”

R Marine South Australia enjoys a very close and personal relationship with Riviera and Belize owners and this, of course, was formally recognised recently with the dealership being awarded their fourth consecutive Dealership of the Year Award for Australia and New Zealand.

Perhaps this unique connection is best expressed in the words of South Australia Riviera owners …

Riviera 445 SUV owner Tony Naish attended with his wife Rane and grandson Ari: “It was a very memorable night and we are looking forward to attending more events with R Marine South Australia and our yacht, Billicart. The team is simply awesome. Ross Almond, Paul Harrop, Brendan Lange, Ross Le Frank and Michael Pitman are always really welcoming and we had a great time. The new marina at Snowden Beach was a real eye-opener too – I haven’t been back there for about 40 years – we used to waterski there as kids.”

David and Rosie Gibbons cruised to the event aboard their 3600 Sport Yacht, Revive. Rosie said: “I wouldn’t have missed the marina party. There were about 150 people there and everyone was just so welcoming. We’ve probably got the smallest Riviera out of everyone who went but we ended up with about 13 women on the back of our boat at one stage. The food, as always, was to-die-for and the hospitality was overwhelming – the people who work at R Marine South Australia … they are simply the best.”

David Henderson and Vickie Pearce cruised to the boat show aboard their Riviera 43 Flybridge, Sundowner. David said: “R Marine South Australia has an exceptional philosophy – they really do make you feel like you are part of a family – they give you 7-Star service and that’s incredible.”

And, in Vickie’s words: “The team at R Marine South Australia is exceptional. They really are the best in the world – they can’t do enough for you. They help you enjoy a lifestyle that you could never replace.”

R Marine Sydney –Australia

Sunset Social Drinks

A total of 30 guests enjoyed a special sunset social event at the Rushcutters Bay office of R Marine Sydney recently, where platters of cheese, a selection of delicious delicacies and other nosh-worthy nibbles were enjoyed at the end of a hot and windy week. Dealer Principal Michael Joyce reports the attendees – who included valued Riviera and Belize owners, New South Wales Boating Industry Association president Alan Blake and his wife Anne as well as industry identities Mark and Colleen Wolf – also enjoyed hearing details of the latest Riviera model releases, and inspecting the range on the marina. “Our team really enjoyed catching up with familiar faces and we look forward to regular sunset catch-ups throughout summer,” said Michael.

R Marine Sydney – Australia

Whiskey Tasting Evening

Exclusive whiskies were on offer at R Marine Sydney’s recent Whiskey Tasting evening at The Loft on Darling Harbour, Sydney. Upon arrival, some 30 guests enjoyed a Mint Julep cocktail and, throughout the night, a selection of delicious canapes and samples of five of the finest whiskies from Scotland and Japan, courtesy of host Michael Nouri, a premium spirit ambassador from Beam Suntory, who warmed up proceedings with informed commentary and interesting facts. Dealer Principal Michael Joyce said: “It was a pleasure to see our valued owners enjoying themselves so much.”

R Marine Riley – Pittwater, Australia

Ladies Driver Tuition

IMG_9844R Marine Riley regularly conducts educational events to ensure the whole family feels confident and comfortable aboard their luxury Riviera or Belize motor yacht. Dealer Principal Mark Riley says the educational events ensure owners know and understand how motor yachts work from when they step aboard to when they disembark, including basic engine checks, understanding shore and ship power, starting and running the engines and how to anchor, dock and tie-up. ”When everyone onboard understands the basics it is much happier boating and an even more enjoyable experience for all.

To achieve this we run an active driving tuition program for ladies, men and family members – everyone is always welcome regardless of where you purchased your yacht.” Six ladies attended the most recent Ladies Drive Tuition on the Central Coast and it proved to be a beautiful day covering a typical day on a yacht, how everything works and how to drive and dock the yacht. “The ladies were amazing and a great time was had by all,” says Mark. If you would like to organise some friends for some tuition, please contact R Marine Riley on (02) 9979 7000 or email jessica@rmarineriley.com.au.

R Marine Riley – Pittwater, Australia

Welcome to Summer Party at Peats Bite

With plenty of yachts, plenty of Riviera and Belize family members and an amazing venue, a good time was assured at the R Marine Riley Welcome to Summer Party at Peats Bite recently. The afternoon started with two fun activities, with one group tasting some great organic sparkling from the Hunter Valley for a couple of hours and the other going wake-surfing behind a brand new Mastercraft wake-boarding boat.

”We had grandparents and grandkids all getting towed behind the boat – it was a great time for everyone though a few of us were a little tender afterwards,” reports Dealer Principal Mark Riley. “A big thanks to Mastercraft for providing another fantastic boat.”
After a quick warm-up, guests enjoyed a fun-filled few hours watching a stunning sunset and playing charades, which Mark says proved extremely entertaining, though the event’s Danish guests weren’t quite sure what to think about these Aussie boaters.

”We proceeded with a beautiful meal, great wines and great company, with many dancing into the wee hours,” he said.

R Marine Jacksons – Melbourne, Australia

Social Evening

Over 55 guests attended the recent R Marine Jacksons social evening at Sandringham Yacht Club in Victoria, hosted by R Marine Jacksons. A Riviera 63 Enclosed Flybridge was the star attraction on the water while there was extremely strong interest in the presentation of designs for the new Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht. Dealer Principal Stuart Jackson says many owners came in their own yachts for the occasion: “We had guests come from all around Port Phillip Bay which was great as our guests were able to meet other Riviera owners for the first time. We also had guests who do not own a boat so it was privilege to help them experience what it means to be part of the Riviera boating family.”