Riviera rides the wave

Riviera rides the wave

San Francisco, United States of America: A supremely seaworthy Riviera appears in a cameo role in the newly released international box office blockbuster, San Andreas.


San Andreas

Filmed last year not too far from the home of Riviera on Australia’s Gold Coast, and wrapped up in San Francisco, the movie stars Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and was released worldwide in 2D and 3D on May 29, grossing over $53 million on its opening weekend.

In the movie, Ray Gaines – a Los Angeles helicopter rescue pilot played by Johnson – and his estranged wife Emma – played by Carla Gugino – escape an earthquake in Los Angeles and eventually make it to San Francisco, just as aftershocks strike there. They commandeer a boat and notice that a tsunami is about to hit and, fortunately for them, they and other evacuees with boats of their own are able to get over the incoming wave near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Enthusiastic Riviera owner Rolf Kruger contacted us to advise that the boat directly behind the hero boat and off to the right in the wide shot is the 1990 35 Bluewater Open Flybridge, Splash Gordon, which can be seen three times in the 3D version.

Those lucky enough to be on board Splash Gordon apparently survive to live another day, although Susan Riddick – played by Kylie Minogue – was not so fortunate.

You can view a trailer of the Tsunami flooding San Francisco from San Andreas on Youtube here >>

Marlin caught from the Blue Sky, a Riviera 43 working out of Cabo, Mexico.

Marlin caught from the Blue Sky, a Riviera 43
working out of Cabo, Mexico.

Rolf also advises that a Riviera 43 Open Flybridge is proving very popular in the Mexican resort town of Cabo, where she is widely known for her long list of sport-fishing success.

Available for charter, Blue Sky is described as a very rare boat in Cabo, with air-conditioning and four separate social areas, room for 15 passengers and it is very economical for larger groups.

Indeed, Captain, crew and Blue Sky herself all receive rave reviews on Trip Advisor.