Roche Harbor Experience attracts Riviera owners from Canada and the United States

Roche Harbor Experience attracts Riviera owners from Canada and the United States

145RocheRendezvous35San Juan Island, Washington, US: As the first person to own a new Riviera 50 Enclosed Flybridge in North America, William Clise was proud to steer his pride and joy into the scenic Roche Harbor Marina for the first time.

Located on the northwest side of the picturesque San Juan Island, Roche Harbor is considered one of the best marinas in the Western United States and is renowned for its marine wildlife and the orca whales which can be seen in the waters off San Juan Island.

The 19th annual Roche Harbor Rendezvous, hosted by Riviera dealer Emerald Pacific Yachts, attracted 29 boats including three Riviera 53 Enclosed Flybridges, one 50 Enclosed Flybridge and two 5800 Sport Yachts, to the idyllic Harbor which sits on the Canadian and American border.

Rob Scott from Emerald Pacific Yachts said it was an ideal location for the popular annual Riviera experience.

“It’s an absolutely beautiful area and centrally located for our American and Canadian Riviera owners,” he said.

“This year our owners enjoyed two days of fun and relaxation with activities such as the Pot Luck Dinner held on the Friday night, the dinghy race and jigsaw competition.”

For William and Amy Clise, the Roche Harbor Rendezvous was an opportunity for him to run in his new 50 Enclosed Flybridge and catch up with the Riviera Family in one of North America’s most stunning marine destinations.

“We had a lot of fun at the group barbecues and roasting marshmallows at the big campfire on the beach after dinner,” Mr Clise said.

“I also picked up some great suggestions on fishing from the local experts that Emerald Pacific Yachts had along to present seminars on salmon and tuna fishing.

“Everyone loved my new 50 Enclosed Flybridge, especially the way the whole boat opened up from the saloon area through the galley and out to the cockpit with the big awning window (located between the galley and cockpit) swung open.

“Everyone had lots of positive comments about the boat and the ‘Clise modifications’, the flip up TV, straight walk through from the cockpit to the staircase, and the cockpit barbecue. After the Roche Harbor Rendezvous, Amy and I will spend the next month cruising in the Pacific Northwest waters, the San Juan Islands and into the Canadian Gulf Islands where the scenery is stunning and there is plenty to explore.

“We enjoy fishing both inside and outside of Vancouver Islands too and we look forward to some amazing wildlife encounters.”

Riviera’s director of brand and communications, Stephen Milne, attended the event for the first time and said it was a very beautiful location and a boater’s dream.

“The original motel dates back to the late 19th century and the Harbor is simply stunning. It was pleasing to meet our Riviera owners, many of whom had travelled from Vancouver Island and Seattle,” Mr Milne said.

“It was inspiring to see so many Rivieras together on the one arm of the marina in such a remote spot. It truly reminded me of home and one of our owner Experience trips. This sight also made me so proud of Riviera and our accomplishments over the years.

“I always enjoy meeting new Riviera owners and it was an honour to meet so many passionate Riviera family members from Seattle and Sidney.

“I commend Emerald Pacific Yachts and Van Isle Marina for hosting such a wonderful and entertaining event for our Riviera family of boaters in the Americas. One of the highlights for me was the Colors Ceremony hosted by the Roche Harbor Resort. It was a very impressive, patriotic and moving ceremony at sunset every night.”

The Colors Ceremony has long been a tradition at the Roche Harbor Resort. Just prior to sunset during the summer months, the flags of Roche Harbor, Washington State, Great Britain, Canada and the United States are lowered while the national anthems are played, followed by a cannon shot which booms through the harbor.

Rob Scott from Emerald Pacific Yachts said the inner water way system around San Juan Island was just phenomenal and many Riviera owners looked forward to the annual event.

“The Canadian Gulf Islands start about 10 miles away and the scenery is just breath-taking. It truly is a boater’s paradise and we look forward to celebrating our 20th annual Roche Harbor Rendezvous next year.”

For more information about future events hosted by Emerald Pacific Yachts visit or contact the team on or phone 206 587 0660.


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