The latest from R Electronics

The latest from R Electronics


Errol Cain – Director of R Electronics

Marine electronics, desalination and navigation specialist Errol Cain has supervised the installation of marine electronic systems into thousands of Riviera luxury cruisers in his 29 years experience.

In this issue, the latest releases from marine technology giants, Garmin and Raymarine.


Sydney surprises

Sydney Boat show is not normally the place multi-national companies launch new products however I did discover quite a few gadgets that I had not played with, nor seen, before.

Simrad 3D Structure Scan

In many ways the new Simrad 3D Structure Scan is similar to the Garmin Panoptix real VU 3D historical view in terms of the image display.

The Simrad 3D generated image is compiled using a combination of transducers connected to a new NSS or NSO evo-2 display and SideScan 3D Skimmer transducer and StructureScan 3D module.

The 3D Structure Scan is currently only available with transom-mount transducers with through-hull likely available early in 2016.

Maximium range is 600’ on side and 300’ on the down scale. There will be huge navigation advantages with systems like the Simrad and Garmin when the through-hull versions are available.

More information on the Simrad 3D Structure Scan cam be found here

Just last week we received the first sample of the Garmin through-hull Panoptix transducer. My first impression is that the fairing block is rather large, as the transducer sits sideways across the hull.

I look forward to testing this system and posting some video.


With over 30 different display models currently available from 4” to 19”, button only, touch-only and hybridTouch, Raymarine showed in Australia for the first time the new eS series of multi-function navigation displays.

The eS displays are a combination of the slick gS series edge-to-edge glass display and the E Series hybridTouch. The eS series has the edge-to-edge modern glass look with the functionality of touch or button control (hybridTouch).


The eS series has all the same functionality as all Lightning II software operating displays. The eS series can interface (via Raynet) to a, c, e, or gS series within the network.

Now would be a timely reminder to check current software – current Raymarine software for displays is v14.36. From software v13.37 on, Jepperson C-Map charting can be run on Raymarine screens offering the ability to run both Navionics and C-Map together.

This can be very handy in areas of tight navigation.

Mini Jump Starter

Another product that I saw for the first time (although I’m told has been seen before) was the Mini Jump Starter.

minijumpstarterThis neat little device, and I mean little, claims to be the world’s smallest jump starter and able to start a V8 petrol engine with a flat battery.

This little device is also able to recharge a host of portable devices including most mobile phones, iPad, GoPro, tablets, music players and cameras.  It’s worth checking out for the outboard etc. at


A timely reminder coming out of winter and into our boating season, don’t forget to service your water-maker as you won’t want to be caught out on the water without water.


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