The latest from R Electronics

The latest from R Electronics


Errol Cain – Director of R Electronics

Marine electronics, desalination and navigation specialist Errol Cain has supervised the installation of marine electronic systems into thousands of Riviera luxury cruisers in his 29 years experience.

In this issue, Errol takes a look at the latest developments in marine technology.

 Lumitec lighting offers full-range colour

LED specialists Lumitec Lighting has just released a host of new LED lighting solutions for above and below the water.

Based in Florida, Lumitec is an industry leader in LED technology in the fields of marine and rescue.

With all lights designed and manufactured in Fort Lauderdale, Lumitec quality is second to none and the range covers almost every aspect of extreme environment lighting.

From soft accent lighting, interior/exterior and underwater lights through to super high-powered floodlights, Lumitec has a very extensive range.


SeaBlazeX Spectrum

Underwater Lights

The newest addition to the Lumitec range is the SeaBlazeX Spectrum.

With an almost infinite range of output colours available and easy user-selectable modes, the SeaBlazeX Spectrum is a simple choice for any discerning boat owner wanting the flexibility of different colours in different waters.

To determine exactly what’s best for you, I should explain that a Lumen is standard unit of light as it is perceived by the human eye. Essentially, it will tell you how bright something is, unlike a watt, which is actually a measurement of energy consumption or output.

The SeaBlazeX Spectrum boasts 3000+ lumens of output from its full RGB chip. There are no external drives or bulky boxes as everything is built right into the light – available in either 12 volts direct current (vdc) or 24vdc.

The full Lumitec range of underwater lights includes SeaBlaze Mini, SeaBlaze 3, SeaBlazeX and the new SeaBlazeX Spectrum.

Flood and Work Lights

Lumitec has launched these new, complementary models to their already impressive range of spot/flood and work lights, starting with the 1000 lumens CapriLT and CapreraLT, Maxillume h60 with 6000 lumens, all the way up to the mega Maxillume h120 with 12,000 lumens.

The new Lumitec high-powered spot/flood and work light sits in the range between the current Octane tower/spreader light with 1000+ lumens, Capri2/Caprera2 with 1000 lumens, Cayman with up to 4000 lumens, Maxillume2 with 2100 lumens and the impressive Triton with a whopping 12,930 lumens … lighting up 37,000 square feet.

Down Lights

With the new Lumitec Mirage Spectrum, you can now bring the rainbow indoors. The new Mirage can be set to white (cool white), warm white or any colour of your choosing.

If magenta is the colour for the night, simply cycle through the colour selection until magenta appears, flick the light switch off then on again to lock it in. You may simply wish to cycle through all 7 colours of the rainbow as the party really starts to get underway.

With 333 lumens output and available in an attractive glass only, glass with stainless steel bezel or glass with white trim, every boat will look sensational with the new Mirage Spectrum.

The Mirage Spectrum light is also available in white, warm white, white/red/blue or white/red/blue/purple output combo.

The Lumitec Halo and Orbit are also available in the same Spectrum and colour combinations as the Mirage. However, their output is 166-187 lumens.

Lumitec lighting also offers task, positionable, engine room lights, bar lights, accent and courtesy lights. All 167 lights in the Lumitec range are IP67 rated which means they can operate under water. Most are 10-30 volt although some a voltage-dependent.


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