The latest from R Electronics

The latest from R Electronics

ecaineMarine electronics, desalination and navigation specialist Errol Cain has supervised the installation of marine electronic systems into thousands of Riviera luxury cruisers in his 29 years experience. In this issue, Errol talks about the new LED lights from Australia’s Aqualuma.



Bright Ideas

When the talented team from Aqualuma designed their first underwater light, the Aqualuma Gen 1, they were pressing the boundaries of LED technology and now some 10 years later the innovation continues with the recent release of the fourth generation (Gen 4) series of underwater light.

Since the launch of the Gen 1 in 2005 (designed in 2004), the Cree LED used in Aqualuma underwater lights has resulted in a much brighter output. Aqualuma has also improved the outer housing for this new series of underwater lights, which is manufactured from a specially formulated, high-tech polymer, which is lightweight and much stronger than polycarbonate, which was originally used in the Gen 1 series. This polymer housing is chemically resistant and can be fitted with any sealant and it also minimises growth on the lens.

The company has now manufactured and sold more than 24, 500 underwater lights around the world, including a great many fitted to new Riviera built vessels.

The good news for boat owners with the release of the Gen 4, which is about 40 per cent brighter than the Gen 3 is that any light from Gen 1 to Gen 3 can be brought up to the latest Gen 4 spec with a simple insert so there is no need to haul out a boat to upgrade to the latest, brightest underwater lights as it can all be done from inside the boat.

The Aqualuma range comes in two housing sizes, the 60mm or 75mm diameter. The 60mm housing in the Gen 4 is now a 6 series (6 LED) light compared to the 3 series (3 LED) light in the Gen 1 to Gen 3. The 76mm housing in the Gen 4 is now a 12 series (12 LED), 18 series (18 LED) or tri series (18 LED-2 colour) light compared to the Gen 1 to Gen 3 which comes in a 6 series (6 LED), 12 series (12 LED) or tri series (12 LED-2 colour) light.

Therefore, not only do they have a far brighter LED in the Gen 4 underwater lights but they also have more of them demonstrating the advancement in manufacturing technology for the same size housing.

Aqualuma upgrade table

Aqualuma table



Aqualuma is a specialised LED lighting company with offerings in the following areas:

Marine Exterior and underwater lights.
Commercial Interior LED down lights and LED fluorescent replacements.
Industrial High Bay LED replacement fixtures.


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